Useful Books for Freemason

As a member of Craft Masonry we find that we need to acquire more knowledge about the craft. Sometimes lodge lectures and instruction are not enough and we feel the need to know more.

Luckily there are many books for us to read, some good and some not so good. Here we select those books that we know would be quite useful to other brothers.

100 Days To Learn Masonic Ritual

by Robert Bone

Learning Masonic ritual, by heart is a challenge for every Freemason. As time goes by and a mason progresses through each office upto to Worshipful Master, there’s a lot to learn.

There’s more than one way to learn the ritual and this book does a very good job of it. Recommended for every master mason wishing to progress to the chair

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The Craft and Its Symbols

by Allen Roberts

Symbolism is everywhere in Freemasonrym, as I’m sure you aware. Other brothers will explain the meaning and significance of most of them. But sometimes they might be a little unsure or have a slightly skewed view.

This book will help you to understand these symbols from the 1st, 2nd and 3ed degrees. Short and to the point, a concise and easy to read book.

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Masonic America: Architects of a Nation

by Dr. Vance Penn

One thing’s for sure, Freemasonry was at the heart of the building of America. The institutions, the buildings and the dollar bill all have a masonic link

This books tells that story and provides some insight into the passion and motives of our Masonic forefathers in as easy to read form.

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Level Steps: 100 Daily Meditations for Freemasons

by Jonti Marks

A book of wisdom for masons. Each section give us a moral that we should reflect on and encompass them in our lives.

A book to keep by you bed and read one section before you sleep

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