Our Personal Favorite Freemason Books

Books on Freemasonry are many from the outlandish to the historical. Some are easy to read some take more effort and build a biblical picture of the why’s an how’s.

Book are a personal choice but we’d like to present our favorites. I have more than one I would have liked to include but we’ve limited ourselves to once each.

We’ve steered clear of the sensational and out-of-context tabloid types. These three book take the reader on a discovery and expand our knowledge.

Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry

by John J Robinson
Richard Ferris

Richard‘s Choice

Written by an historian, not a Freemason, in that sense the book is not trying to prove anything. It puts freemasonry and knights Templar in their historical context, how they came to be and how they link to each one and other.

Well written and easy to read the book shows us how the craft developed over time. The political and religious pressures at the time and its “coming out” in 1717. A great book for all those with a love of history and those wishing to discover our more about our origins.

The Hiram Key – Pharaohs, Freemasons And The Discovery Of The Secret Scrolls Of Jesus

by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas
Henry Marshall

Henry‘s Choice

At almost 400 pages this is not a quick read but the level of detail the authors went to is incredible. Delving into Freemasonry and other orders such as Knight Templar and the putting it into its biblical and historical context. Is it all true, I’m not sure, but the arguments put forward and the revelations revealed are stunning.

I couldn’t put it down although it’s not the easiest of reads. But well worth getting into for any Freemason seeking more knowledge of our ancient origins. Just make sure you read it at least twice – it’s that good.

101 Secrets of the Freemasons: The Truth Behind the World’s Most Mysterious Society

by John K Young
Darryl Stoll

Darryl‘s Choice

A nice easy read this one. Although it refers to secrets in the title, there’s nothing here that can’t be found all over the internet. Having said that the book brings all these bits of masonic knowledge together and each secret is well researched and well presented in a nice digestible format.

Highly recommended to those new brethren seeking to expand there knowledge a little more and to understand some of our arcane procedures.