Masonic Gifts

Our Objective

We had a very simple objective when creating this website, which was to select the best Masonic items that we would choose for ourselves or to give as gifts to our brothers. Then to show them here on this site.

We then arranged them all into convenient categories to make it easy for others to find/browse them.

Square and Compass

We know you can just Google these or rummage through specialist sites. But we’ve already done this and selected the very best, so you don’t have to spend hours wading through hundreds of websites to find them yourself.

The criteria was simple – would we buy these masonic items for ourselves? If the answer was yes we added it here.

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Who Are We?

The Team

We’re all members of Craft Masonry here so we have a practical experience in freemasonry and in other orders as well

You can read more about us here.

Our Favorites

The three of us that contribute to the site, Darryl, Henry and Richard, have each picked our favorite item and the reason why.

Henry Marshall

Henry’s Favorite

For me, if I would have to pick one item, it would be a Masonic ring. For me a ring is symbolic of my duties to the craft and reminds me of my obligations.

So here’s my choice for Masonic rings.

Darryl Stoll

Darryl’s Choice

I love cufflinks, there subtle and are unnoticeable by the profane. But these come in sets with a tie pin. Which again is highly discrete.

So my choice, for the Craft, is a matching cufflinks and tie pin set. Take a look here

Richard Ferris

Richard’s Preference

My father and his uncle were both members of the same lodge that I was initiated in. Their tradition was to wear a pocket watch in their waste coats.

I don’t wear waste coats (although I might when I’m older). So my go to item would be a watch. Something I can wear all the time and practical too.

Take a look at my favorite watches

Pick of the Bunch

All craft freemasons are familiar with the symbols of the rough and smooth ashlars. We’ve taken those terms, loosely, and used them to group our best of fives

rough ashlar

Rough Ashlar

Our first best of five are a great selection of freemason which we consider to be reasonably priced, which we consider to be under $30.

See our Selections here

smooth ashlar

Smooth Ashlar

Our second best of five are a set of masonic presents at the $50 and above price point.

See our Selections here